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A Fresh Look at Steel Grid Bridge Flooring — Alternative Applications

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Open steel grid bridge flooring or “bridge grating“ has been used since the early 1900’s on bridges where dead-load reduction was a driving factor in the design. Movable bridges such as swing bridges, lift bridges and bascule bridges are key examples of dead-load sensitive structures. Over the decades of use, designers have noticed that these “bridge gratings” have a multitude of uses in non-bridge applications.


 Open steel grid bridge flooring is somewhat different from a traditional catwalk type grating in that its components interlock as part of the assembly process. Also, the bars that run perpendicular to the main load carrying bars (the cross bars) are not only interlocked but they are heavy and designed to distribute the load so that more main bars are participating. Most light-duty grating and riveted grating are not good at distributing load in the weak direction.


There are many useful applications where a light-weight decking that is strong and designed for handling heavy rolling loads can be of service.